Safety Program

Safety Program

S.E. Johnson Management Ltd. is committed to providing a safe and healthy work place for all, employer and worker alike.

Providing a safe and healthy workplace can be achieved through a combination of active management and employee involvement. Safety is the direct responsibility of all managers, supervisors and employees.  S. E. Johnson Management Ltd. employs a full time Safety Coordinator.  The roll of this position is to oversee the safety program, inspections, safety audits, statistics, COR certification, ensuring compliance with the safety policy and the OH&S Code, Regulation and Act on each site, also meet the standard for safety of the Prime Contractor on site.

In fulfilling this commitment to protect both people and property, S.E. Johnson Management Ltd. provides and maintains a safe and healthy work environment in the roles of Prime Contractor, Employer, and Worker in accordance with OH&S Act, Section 2 and 3.  In doing so, we ensure that all workers are trained and competent to proceed with our scope of work before entering the worksite.  All managers, supervisors and employees are apprised of Section 35 of the OH&S Act, Existence of imminent danger and their right and obligation to report unsafe acts and conditions.  They are also informed of their Right to Refuse any unsafe work during orientation.

All employees, along with management are equally responsible for minimizing incidents within our facilities and on job sites. Safe work practices and procedures are clearly defined in the company safety manual for all management and employees to follow.  We are in compliance with the Prime Contractor’s standards for safety and will meet or exceed the OH&S Code, Regulation and Act on each project.  All employees are required to attend a company orientation before starting work with S. E. Johnson Management Ltd.  At that time all certification of training is verified, and they will be scheduled for any training that may be required as referred to in Section 8 of our company safety manual.  The employee will also be required to attend a site specific orientation (usually conducted by the Prime Contractor) before beginning work on that particular site.  Attending regular safety meetings and ongoing training is also a part of our safety plan.

To download a copy of our Safety Manual, click on “FTP LOGIN” on the right side of this page and enter the following information:

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S.E. Johnson Management Ltd. has worked hard to maintain and is proud to be COR Certified.