Our Services

What we do

We provide a range of services for commercial, industrial and residential construction projects including, but not limited to:

Plumbing and Gas Fitting

Our experienced team of plumbers and gas fitters specializes in installing high end, specialty fixtures and natural gas equipment in a wide variety of applications from small warehouse and commercial retail space to the office and residential towers found in Calgary’s busy downtown area.

BIM Modeling

Our in-house BIM Department has the capability to model mechanical systems on a project in order to prefab in our shop resulting in time savings on site. By fully committing to the BIM process, we are able to find conflicts well ahead of them arising on site and coordinate solutions with the project team.

HVAC Systems and Equipment

S.E. Johnson supplies and installs the hydronic piping systems in all of our projects. This includes the heating and chilled water systems, as well as low pressure steam, glycol and condenser systems. We also procure, place and connect all major mechanical equipment on site as well as provide manufacturer start ups and training prior to project turnover.

Mechanical Subtrades

We also have a network of skilled and reputable trades that we partner with/manage to include the following scopes of work which enables us to provide a complete operating mechanical system:

  • Sheet metal/ventilation
  • Controls
  • Insulation
  • Fire Protection
  • Refrigeration
  • Balancing

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